Diabetic Annoyance #2

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Some lucky diabetics in the first world have affordable access to CGMs and Blood Glucose Sensors but the rest of us still rely on old fashioned finger pricking and test strips to find out where our blood levels are and what they’re doing. By finger pricking and testing once before and after having something to eat we can usually keep things nice and level but since most of us eat several times per day and when you add things like exercise to your day those finger pricks quickly add up and having to prick 10+ times in a single day is not at all uncommon.

One of the most annoying things is just how imperfect and inconsistent everything can be- lancets, meters and our fingers all change from day to day and with that inconsistency we often have to prick the same spot multiple times to get a reading. Few things are as annoying in diabetes management as pricking your finger on a low lancet setting like 2 to find out it isn’t enough to squeeze out a drop, bumping it up to 3 and still nothing. Finally out of frustration we move to the other softer side of the finger and bump it up to 4 then give it a squeeze only to find out we’ve accidentally opened the Seven Floodgates of Hell and multiple punctures on our finger start gushing blood like we’re pushing pomegranates through a sieve, airborne squirts and all.

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